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RSSC Adult Social Club: Ultimate Frisbee

11/17/2018, 4:45pm EST

RSSC will be hosting an Adult Social Club.  How it works:

  1. Players form teams of up to 10 players.  Don't have a team sign up individually and we'll form a house team.  Registration ends 11/30/18.
  2. Each team will play a 50 minute game of Ultimate Frisbee every Friday starting 12/7/18.
  3. After the game head over to Knucklehead's, wearing your team shirt, and receive a free team item.
  4. Socialize & Have Fun!

Teams registering for the league will need to turn in:

  1. Team application (This is the one we use for indoor soccer.  Write Ultimate Frisbee in the "Age Group Box" and check the CO-Ed Box):
  2. Roster with pictures and shirt sizes (Write your shirt size in the margin after the picture box):
  3. Waivers per player:
  4. Team application, team fee, and shirt sizes for each player are due by 11/30.  All other paperwork can be turned in before the first game.

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