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RSSC Is Proud To Announce Their Newest Staff Member: Blase Pachura, Personal Trainer

10/17/2018, 7:15pm EDT

Rising Stars Soccer Club would like to take this opportunity to introduce its newest staff member: Blase Pachura, Personal Trainer.  Below you will find a short excerpt from Blase along with his credentials, brief work history, and two testimonies from former students. If you would like to contact Blase for more information on group training you can email him at or call 315-381-3096.


Dear Members,


“In this world, you get farther with sweat than tears”- remember this next time you might lose a game or miss that shot. My name is Blasé Pachura, as a BS graduate of Exercise Science at the University at Buffalo, sports performance is my specialty. For the last 5 years I have been involved with almost every facet of the fitness world. Most recently, I have worked at the local Rome YMCA setting up sports programs, personal training, and running the teen fitness facility.  I earned my certificate in Personal Training from the “American College of Sports Medicine” which many professionals in my field consider the gold standard of certificates. At the Rome YMCA I created classes for Injury prevention, sports performance, strength and conditioning. As well, I developed and taught the Gym section of their Gym and Swim program; which was designed for local home schooled youth to earn gym credits. Currently, I am enrolled in the Doctorate of Physical Therapy program at Utica College. These last few years have been some of the most rewarding in my life. Having the chance to help mentor and train the local youth has taught me how much I love helping others through exercise. Achieving goals fast, efficiently and safely is what I will help you accomplish. Next month, I will be starting 2 sport performance classes at Rising Star. I will be at the facility Monday October 29th and Wednesday October 31st from 5-8 to introduce myself and answer questions. I really look forward to meeting everyone at the facility and working with as many athletes as possible. Below I have testimonies from a few of my most recent clients. Please contact Rising Star Soccer Club for further information.



A man that pushes you to do your best, gives great workouts, and great advice. Blase Pachura is the first person who comes to mind. He took me, a kid with just skin and bones under his wing and showed me the ways of fitness down to a science. Every detail down to how the last muscle fiber is hit. He always comes up with great workouts that helped me better myself. Ab workouts, arm workouts, leg workouts the whole nine yards, workouts that turned me into who I am today. Never have I met anyone with more energy to push me to do my best in my life. Blase knows the fitness game down to a science, literally. He taught me about the how muscles actually break down and you have to build them back up with protein. How there are different muscle fibers and all need to be hit different. All fibers were always hit with Blase. My goal was to get bigger in size and he taught/showed me how. He also taught me the differences in training and how to put on muscle. Coming up with wild workout you think you can’t do but can because he pushes you to take the challenge. I’ve accomplished so much with Blase, things I never thought I could’ve; a six back of abs, a bigger chest, legs and arms. You can go to him for anything workout related or not. The best advice giver I know hands down. He can help you though any situation. He’s a brother, friend and trainer all in one.

-Former student and basketball player at Rome Free Academy.

Steve Reynolds, 18


I gotta thank you a lot because if you never talked to me that day in January so about 10 months ago I would of never came back to the gym and probably weighed more than I did. I was at 240 and I knew I had to change that and I’m glad I met you because you helped me change a lot and get more confidence! I remember I was 240 I couldn’t even lift a bar up but after months of training I lost 80 pounds. Now, I can squat 170 and deadlift 265 my bench is a little low but there is always work to do! But thank you so much for helping me form into a better person!


-Current RFA student and hopefully future football player!

Angel Andino, 16

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